Helping Healthcare Facilities Reduce Risk

The most cost-effective, real-time temperature &
humidity monitoring system

A Remarkably Simple Platform

Protect Patients. Safeguard Expensive Assets. Ensure Regulatory Compliance.

Move beyond error-prone logging when it comes to monitoring blood, tissue, and organ storage conditions. Keep accurate, comprehensive logs for critical storage drugs, vaccines, and food service products.

Risk Reduction:

Removes possibility of human error by automating a time and labor intensive process.

Reallocate Resources:

Real-time monitoring and alerts frees up man-hours to complete more productive work.

A Robust Platform:

Have access to detailed logs and alerts through web or mobile devices.

Cloud-Based Simplicity:

Easy to implement. Requires no infrastructure or IT investment.

Trash the Clipboard: Automate your temp & humidity checks to free up labor hours.
Eliminate Margin for Error: Set parameters & receive alerts in real-time on any device.
Automate Compliance: Keep & customize accurate records for regulatory reporting.

Risk Management & Compliance Simplified

Dashboard Provides Complete Status Views at a Glance.

A Remarkably Simple Platform

Dependable Monitoring:

Self-diagnostic sensors & fail-safe battery back-ups for a worry-free solution

Fully Customizable:

Customize settings, thresholds, who will receive alerts, and much more.

Complete Scalability:

Cloud-based platform makes it simple to add as many monitoring points as needed.

Reliable Notifications:

Receive real-time alerts by email or text when temperatures cross thresholds.